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Welcome to PuraSoft’s website. We produce salt-free water purification systems that give safe, incredible tasting water to your entire home or business. A lot of people don’t realize the variety of problems that come with improperly purified or completely unpurified water. From hard water and the smell of sulfur to bacteria and radon, unpurified water brings more than simple problems—it brings a high potential for danger!

So, call and find out how the "Puramax" purifier by PuraSoft can improve the water quality in your home. Receive a free, in-home water treatment test that compares your tap water to treated water. You get to feel, smell, taste and experience the fantastic benefits of what "Water Was Meant To Be". Plus, you will find out if your water has any harmful contaminants, like radon, which you’ll want to fix as soon as possible! For the office nearest you go to the contact us page.

For over 30 years PuraSoft has provided our customers with salt-free, soft and purified water that saves money by reducing energy and soap consumption. Water-using appliances last longer with PuraSoft water treatment systems and bathing and showering have never felt better! You can be confident that our "Puramax" water purifier will make water drinkable from any faucet in the house!

Call today for your own free, no-obligation demonstration to find out how salt-free, purified can benefit you wherever you, your food or your home have contact with water. If you have any questions about water contamination, our solutions or want to know more NY and NJ water testing info, just let us know! For the office nearest to you, check out the contact us page.

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