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Bacteria in Well Water

There are several types of bacteria found in well water, but the one that is tested for is called Colifrom. When found, the lab tells you the water is not safe and the problem has to be corrected. The other types of bacteria in a well present no health risk and labs don't test for these.

Unfortunatley when a test report indicates the presents of bad bacteria they never tell you how much is present so making decision on the alternative solutions is next to impossible.

On the other hand when the lab finds no coliform bacteria in the water, they say the water is ok and safe to drink, leaving people to believe no treatment of any kind is needed.

When a bacteria testing companies tell you the water has no coliform bacteria in it and is safe to drink, people make an assumption that there is nothing in the water that could be a problem. This most often couldn't be further from the truth and they linger for months and years with poor water quality that in many cases causes enormous damage to a house, changes the taste of food, and creates skin and cleaning problems and a very expensive mistake.

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