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Bacteria in Drinking Water

When your town notifies you that you need to boil your before using it, then you know that the bacteria in your water has reached an unsafe level. So who determines what the safe level is and how often do they check this?

If your water is supplied by your city does that mean you don't need any filters or treatment?

If your water comes from a well, does that mean it is pure and clean?

Some people are naive enough to say yes to both questions. All you can say about town water is that it has chlorine in it. Well water on the other hand may have bacteria in it. The question remains is it bad bacteria.

When you buy a house you have to have the well checked for bacteria.

Did you know that they only check for bacteria that may hurt you, and nothing else. The term safe to drink as a result of this simple test doesn't tell you what's in your water.

Clean up your tap water and protect your family with a PuraSoft Water Purification system.

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