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Clean Air

PuraSoft's Clean Air Station was developed by a group of highly-regarded indoor air quality experts. Their mission was to build an air cleaner and filter technology and product that compensated for the many weaknesses found in air purifiers today.

The Clean Air Station
•Better than HEPA Efficiency - 99.99% Collection at 0.3 Micron Size Particles.
•FDA Listed Class II Medical Device (ISO9001:2 - CE - CSA - UL - EMI)
•Independent Medical Lab Test Indicates: ◦Virus Killing Rate of 99-100% ◦Bacteria Kill Rate of 98-100% ◦Mold/Fungi Kill Rate of 94-100%
•Plus this System Includes an Exclusive 8 Stage Filtration System with a Powerful 6 Stage Chemical Adsorption Filter for VOC/Gas Scrubbing
•Each Unit is Individually Tested and Certified to be Better than HEPA Efficiency

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