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Water Contamination

Contaminated water happens far more than the public would imagine.

Do you Know What is in your Water Today?

Contamination of water is the presence of unexpected infectious organisms or harmful chemicals. Most wells and municipally supplied water do not have these problems. But accidents and the unexpected contaminates occur too frequently. Your town is required to check the water regularly and make it public if they find something. They are not required to notify you individually when a problem exists.

If you are unaware of the happenings in your community you are out of luck. More to the point of water quality, if your town has no water processing plant that insures the water quality no matter what the environmental changes might be, then it is your responsibility to protect your family.

Your town supplies general purpose water that is used for more than drinking; such uses are industrial, commercial, fire fighting and so on. Your home consumes large amounts of water and very little is used for cooking and drinking.

Because of the huge increase in bottle water consumption almost no one drinks tape water anymore anyway. So to expect your town to invest in some facility that would supply your standard of drinking water quality from every fire hydrant is just not going to happen.

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