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      Soft Versus Treated Water

We recommend you have your well water tested every year.

How clean would you like your water?

Do you want just the calcium removed or would you like all the harmful things removed?

When recent news reported a connection between polluted ground water and high cancer rates, do you think a water softener would have offered any protection? How could it? They only exchange calcium for sodium.

Your town water comes from community wells or local rivers and reservoirs and are effected by the locals pollution levels. If your town has no water treatment plant for your protection, then you must protect yourself and your family.

If you have a private well the only test that was ever done was required to move in. Will you ever do another? Probably not!

To find out what is right for you based on your water supply, have it checked by an in-home water comparison test between the tap water and treated water. (Puramax for city water)

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